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Our team gather all necessary expertise (Medical, Regulatory, Manufacturing, Clinics, Distribution)

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Our solution is a unique Environnemental Friendly Drug Delivery System

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Paediatis is already partnering with  major players around the world


Partnering with French Hospitals and major research center, we are first inspired by kids

Paediatrix has been developped through an international collaboration of numerous actors

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About Paediatis

In Europe, more than 50% of the medicines prescribed for children and adolescents have not been subject to an evaluation or an authorization for administration specific to these age groups. The small size of the target market and the difficulty of carrying out research in children do not encourage pharmaceutical companies to initiate clinical trials in Pediatrics. However, more than 16% of Europeans in 2014 were under 14 years of age.

In Bangladesh with which Paediatis is already partnering, the issue is even more acute, overthere 57 million children, for economic reasons, have limited access to treatment.

If the new European legislation  made it possible to force firms to develop pharmaceutical specialties for the new applications. A significant number of molecules remains administered to kids “off-Label”.

Paediatis has decided to take up the challenge of the lack of pharmaceutical specialties by bringing innovative ecological and economical solutions to patients and manufacturers.


Drinkaps®, the drinkable capsule : sustainability is for REAL!

THE SUSTAINABLE DRUG  DELIVERY SYSTEM that respects the patient and the environment.

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