scientific board

Dr Catherine Devoldère


President of the organization Sparadrap, first association in France for children pain.
Catherine is responsible of the hematologic and oncologic unit of Amiens CHU.

Catherine is at the origin of Paediatis and is responsible for the medical side of our portfolio.

Catherine has led the screening of the unmet need and direct Paediatis choice in the molecule screening and the best adapted drug delivery system.

30 years in the pharmaceutical Industry. Pascal has lead the development department of various pharmaceutical company, such as Substipharm, or the French Army.

Pascal is acting as our advisor for the galenic part of the projects, as a seasonned specialist in the development and project management, Pascal area of expertise assure Paediatis of successful reasearch and technology transfer.

Pascal Suplie form the scientific board of Paediatis

Pascal Suplie


Christophe Grosset

Inserm Research Director.

Christophe has 25 years of expertise in molecular and cellular biology and works on cancer since 2008.

Christophe heads the MIRCADE team (Methods and Innovations for Research in Pediatric Cancers), an Inserm research team located in Bordeaux, which studies the biology of several pediatric cancers (Hepatoblastoma, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, Nephroblastoma). He is currently working on the repositioning of antitumor drugs in pediatric oncology.

Christophe is member of the scientific confederations HEPATOBIO, REACT4KIDS and AFEF in France, and the international networks SIOPEL and SIOP.